The Dallas Cowboys: The Outrageous History of the Biggest, Loudest, Most Hated, Best Loved Football

So I thought I’d read about the Dallas Cowboys upon the occasion of their 60th anniversary, hoping to celebrate a good season to come.

The team at this moment is 1-3 and we’re heading for another mediocre year … again.

But it weren’t always this way, as this book shows.

This book follows the team from its creation until the glory years of the ’70s, the slide of the ’80s, the return to glory of the ’90s, and the fair-to-middlin’ years since. The book, published around the 50th anniversary, ends with the coming of Bill Parcells and Tony Romo, and was filled with hope.

Sounds an awful lot like today, with Mike McCarthy and Dak Prescott. I hope it ends better.

This book presents warts and all, which is a fair way to present the team. Along with the highs of Staubach and Lilly and Dorsett and Smith and Aikman, there are the lows of Bob Hayes’ drug arrests, Michael Irvin and Pete Gent and Lance Rentzel and Rafael Septien … read up if you don’t know.

It’s a good look at a legendary team with millions of fans and millions more of haters. A good read.

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