Boone: A Biography

A true woodsman, a pioneer and a reluctant icon is Daniel Boone in this informative biography.

Here is the legendary man, who wanted nothing more than to venture into the woods and hunt, fish and find his own peace.

Amid it all, he became a leader, helped set up several towns, made the Cumberland Gap to the West better known, and helped push the western boundary of the United States further west, all before the 1800s.

He paradoxically respected the natives (and was captured and lived as one of them for one stretch), but his actions helped push them out of their own land.

This book offers up a good look at the natives also, not as proto-hippies living at one with the land, but as they really were – sometimes brutal, sometimes big-hearted, sometimes cannibalistic. These were real people, not idealized tree-huggers. Humans, not angels.

But that’s the truth of each side – neither entirely pure nor entirely evil. Atrocities on both sides, and sometimes Boone is caught up between two groups.

Through it all, he just wants to live his life and settle his continuing, massive debts. As he finally reaches the end, he finds peace and leaves a tremendous legacy.

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