Candy: A Century of Panic and Pleasure

A hit from the past, I read this in January 2019.

This is one of a couple of books on candy out there, and I think it’s a good one because it doesn’t condemn people for liking candy! A few other books out there are pretty nasty about our candy obsession, but this one is a fun, non-judgmental look at sweet treats.

One review I read says it’s about how candy became food and how food has become candy, and that’s a pretty fair assessment. It’s about the slow development of our sweet tooths (teeth?) and how changes in the manufacture of sugar helped that along.

From candy as a luxury good to an everyday snack, from an energy food to a lazy treat, from heavenly goodness to a sinful addiction, this book looks at how this all developed.

Her final assessment: Enjoy candy, but be reasonable about it. Recommended.

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