The Act You’ve Known For All These Years: The Life, And Afterlife, Of Sgt. Pepper

Another book about my favorite band, the Beatles.

It’s an older one, issued upon the 40th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper, and I read it during the 50th anniversary.

The book attempts to place the album in the context of 1967, so includes the Beach Boys, Kinks, the Who, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones and all the usual suspects.


Problem is that the writer can’t decide what he ultimately feels about the album. He seems to be among those who say that Sgt. Pepper killed “pop” music – which is ridiculous. He also spends the last chapter blasting anybody who considers it one of the best albums ever released.

The writer’s style is also a hurdle – too clever by half full of puns, inside jokes and references that miss the mark.

It was a timely read (it jogged my memory about Sgt. Pepper), but I didn’t really get anything new from it. Just some slings and arrows from somebody who apparently believes he’s above liking Sgt. Pepper. 


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